This school was founded in the sweet memory of my father, Late Mohd. Wasim Uddin, a great teacher of his time at the suggestion of Sayeed Quaseem Ashraf sb , a great educationist, thinker and economist on jan 2nd 2002 on a small piece of land. It is a primary English Medium Residential School where co- education from NUR to VIIIth is imparted. It is situated in front of Chakbharo high school beside NH 107. It was started with the help of 27 students and three teachers. But now owing to untiring constant and stable efforts, it has now 500 students. This is the first school of the district which sent students to AMU, JMMI, Delhi for entrance test. Over whelming academic achievements have attracted students from far and wide. The student has been coommitted to provide quality education in order to cope with the forth coming challenges and imbibe in them the spirit of morality, discipline and healthy etiquette.