Rules and Regulation for boarding & non boarding students

The following rules shall apply to both male and female students reading in the hostels and parents/guardian of the students will have to abide by them:

• Irregular attendance, objectionable behavior of any kind may result in the removal of the student from school's hostel.

• School's or hostel's property damaged or destroyed will have to be made good. In addition, a heavy fine may also be imposed.

• Though hostel's authority spares no pains in giving full safety and full protection to all boarders still if any untoward incident occurs or hostel management will not be responsible for it.

• If any student runs away from hostel stealthily and suffers from any problem or troubles on the way to his/her home, hostel will never be responsible for such feeling students.

• Parents / guardian of a student is not allowed for the night stay in the hostel. They are also not permitted to bring eatables or aquipment.

• Any boarder is not allowed to keep mobile phone with him/her either in the class or in the hostel.

• A hosteller is completely responsible for all his/her belonging ( cash, utensils, clothes, bicycles etc.) If any pupil is found stealing red handed someone's goods, he/she may be pardoned after giving him/her some moral lesson. But in second attempt such student will certainly be dismissed from the hostel.

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